Glenn Johnson

Glenn Johnson

Phone : 214-923-9477

Glen hails from Sioux Falls, SD his family’s thriving hotel owner/operator business enabled him to live in four different locations by the age of 18. Witnessing the intuitive nature of hoteliers on a day-to-day basis made understanding and catering to people’s differing requirements and situations second nature. It was only natural then that Glenn joined the family business and has over 28 years of Hotel & Inn operations to his credit including: acquisitions, property management, customer service, marketing, 

personnel, business development, renovation, financing, and sales. If you ask him which role he enjoyed most, he won’t hesitate to tell you, the Negotiation! Apparently, the one portion of the real estate transaction that gives most clients the greatest amount of anxiety is Glenn’s strong suit!

Glenn has also managed to turn his vocation of Commercial Photography into a passionate avocation. He’s been behind a camera shooting phenomenal shots for over 35 years. When you see his portfolio of beautiful images, you’ll agree he has an eye for the right angle. For his clients, there is no photographic opportunity more important than when he is shooting YOUR home for marketing purposes or upon acquisition.

What made Glenn leave the Hotel/Inn business and decide to sell Real Estate? Glenn chose to sell Real Estate after considering the numerous moves he has made while growing up and later with his wife, Joanne and their 4 children. He has a great deal of empathy for the upheaval that takes place in a person’s life when they must make a move, regardless if the motivation is a happy or sad one. Glenn believes that in his role as a Real Estate Consultant, he can help make the decision to buy or sell so much easier for his clients. Glenn’s goal is to provide “Custom” Real Estate Services that create a predictable, professional, and profitable experience for his clients.